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Skedsmo kommune
Rådhuset, Jonas Liesgate 18, Lillestrøm
PO-box 313, 2001 Lillestrøm, Norway

Telephone: +47 66 93 80 00 Telefax: + 47 66 93 85 90

E-mail: postmottak@skedsmo.kommune.no


Skedsmo is centrally located in the county of Akershus between the main airport at Gardermoen and Oslo. The area has been developing strongly for many years, with the town of Lillestrøm as a local, regional and national meeting place.


Enjoy everything from exciting culture and history to high technology and visions of the future. Skedsmo offers everything from shopping to art, culture, getting out and about, sport and leisure opportunities. With some of the country’s most attractive workplaces and a good living environment in beautiful natural surroundings, Skedsmo has a great deal to offer.

Culture and sport

Our goal is to be the best place to live in east Norway for those who love culture or sport. There are many voluntary clubs and associations and a wide range of sporting activities. Skedsmo offers a good range of cultural activities, with a modern cinema, concerts, exhibitions, festivals and other events. There are lively cafés, and the restaurants offer culinary treats from many countries.

A place to develop and grow

Skedsmo unites rural residential areas with the pulsating life of Lillestrøm and Strømmen. The focus on kindergartens and schools means that all our schools are either new or have been renovated in recent years.

Over the last few years, the urban environment of Lillestrøm and Strømmen has been upgraded and modernised, with new pedestrianised areas. This is the result of a planned development that is designed to allow residential areas, urban life and commercial development to function well together.

Lillestrøm Business area

Lillestrøm Business Area is one of the country’s foremost research and technology environments, with about 17.500 people working here, 500 of them with doctorates, and about 17.000 students. The companies based here are among the country’s biggest and most important, especially in energy and environmental research. Knowledge and information is also an important part of Skedsmo’s history. Steam engines, cars, buses, aircraft and trains are among the things that have been developed and manufactured here.

Trade fairs and events

The exhibition centres Norges Varemesse in Lillestrøm and Exporama in Hellerudsletta make Skedsmo Norway’s trade fair capital. Some of the country’s biggest public exhibitions, on travel, boats, education, housing, hobbies and agriculture, are organised here.


Our central location between Oslo and Gardermoen, as well as our excellent rail and road network, give us the best infrastructure in the country. This makes us an attractive venue for big events.

Lillestrøm – a town for cyclists

Lillestrøm was named as Norway’s best cycling town in 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016. Cycle races, fun rides and cycling festivals are all held in Skedsmo. Facilities have been organised for cyclists throughout the municipality and people of all ages use their cycles year round. Whether you cycle in urban areas or in natural surroundings beside our waterways, you have many kilometres of experiences, exercise and recreation at your disposal.

Facts about Skedsmo

  • Skedsmo is centrally located between Oslo and Gardermoen, in the county of Akershus. Lillestrøm is Skedsmo’s municipal centre and has had town status since 13 June 1998.
  • The other population centres in Skedsmo are Strømmen, Skedsmokorset, Skjetten and Leirsund.
  • Lillestrøm is 10 minutes from Oslo by train and about 15–20 minutes by car. Skedsmo borders on Oslo and Lørenskog to the west, Rælingen to the south, Nittedal and Gjerdrum to the north, Sørum to the north east and Fet to the east.
  • The municipality has about 53.00 residents.
  • The municipality has an area of 77.2 km² .
  • Lillestrøm public transport terminal has one of the country’s busiest railway stations and is a hub for the airport train.
  • Varied trade and industry with about 28,000 workplaces.
  • Lillestrøm Business area is one of the country’s foremost research and technology environments, with about 17.500 people working here, 500 of them with doctorates, and about 17.000 students.
  • Norway’s biggest congress and exhibition area, with Norges Varemesse in Lillestrøm and Exporama in Hellerudsletta